Saturday, 4 August 2007

new idea

Tried the chin strap last night to help out with the snoring problem to test it out.

this works quite well and got the thumbs up from my partner.

so things are looking good.

Friday, 22 June 2007

I snore I know this because of a bruise that is located to the right of my rib cage. This bruise is because my wife likes to sleep in silence and when this silence is broken then so is one of my ribs, actually she is not that violent but you get the idea.

I had desperately tried a number of things to combat this very bad affliction and hope for a peaceful night for the both of us. I tried the nose clip no good I tried the nasal strips I even went and had the surgery and I can tell you that is not a funny procedure.

Having part of your throat burnt by laser and a local anesthetic and the distinct smell of burning skin not too mention the pain killers and other things I had to take afterwards. I was a desperate man my whole relationship revolves around being able to be with the woman I love at night.

It all finally comes down to weight loss you need to reduce the size of your tongue, your tongue is one of the main culprits also is having a large neck. So by controlling your weight I did notice that it reduced the effect of snoring this also proved popular with the wife.

The beer gut had to go I put myself on a stringent diet and exercise and found that this is definitely the key to curing the problem. The swimming exercise is probably the best as this does a very good job of getting your cardio vascular system working well, which has the effect of improving your breathing.

The other tool I purchased to help with this is a power breathe which is a tool for helping you devlope stronger breathing technique. I found that I was not breathing properly overnight and this was creating the snoring effect.

One of the other things that causes snoring is having alcohol just before bed time so try to avoid alcohol its probably acceptable to have it with a meal as this early on in the evening and not likely to effect your sleep pattern.

Try to avoid peoples smoke I think smoking is for the very weak people who obviously need to be dependent on something I found that I have a very strong will and never had the urge to smoke. A friend of mine smokes but he is no were near as fast a runner as he was and that kind of reduction in capacity is something I urge people who smoke to consider.

Also very off putting about smoke is if you have to see someone you care about die from cancer its very heart breaking experience. So just think don't do it and have a holiday instead on the money you would have spent.

Alcohol makes your muscles relax overnight which is also a major cause of snoring and people who have excess alcohol tend to be overweight. By reducing my weight I have given a boost to myself in several directions I’m much quicker and feel a lot better I don't snore overnight and my wife has stopped digging me in the ribs. I’m much happier and so is she make the effort if you are prepared to go through the surgery then you are prepared to lose sufficient weight to cause snoring to stop.

I also found that spending time doing some neck muscle movements on a daily basis tightens up the internal muscles making it easier not to snore over night. So if you want to everything you can to reduce snoring then shed the weight and do some swimming get a power breathe and perform neck muscle movements.

Your partner will thank you in ways that are not so painful.